Trouble shooting

Both models of the BioVItal brewer were designed to ensure there are no ‘dead spots’ in the water. Dead spots are pockets of water in the brewing container that are not agitated and oxygenated enough. THis can lead to an anaerobic brew and a big mess. SO providing that you are using the brewer with the recommended containers according to the directions given in the manual, dead spots should not be the cause of bad brews. We are happy to talk you through an issues you are having but here is a list of common causes for unsuccessful brews.

Trouble shooting.

1. The biggest mistake is that people forget to turn on the extraction valve when they put on the compost bag.

2. the products used for microbe foods must not contain toxic preservative.

3. Good compost is essential as they is the source of you microorganisms, you just can’t grow what you don’t have, all the organisms come from the compost. The Bio-Vital ‘point of difference is that we use compost as a medium for growing a vast diversity of microorganisms to use the compost as the inoculant.

4. If the air pump gets hot it usually means that you do not have and adequate power supply or are using too long a lead.

5.  Always add the compost after adding foods to the solution, the foods have high and low pH levels and can kill organisms when concentrated.

6. Water quality is essential. If chlorinated water is not gassed off before foods and microbes are added you can kill all the life in your inoculum. Chlorinated water can be made safe by running the air blower into the water for several hours before adding compost to the tea bag. Dam water can also cause issue because of ciliates (existing biology in the water).

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