What are the application rates for Compost Tea? This depends on soil condition and use on crops, pasture or intensive systems. Applications as low as 100L per HA provide results.

What should I use as foods for growing the organisms? Foods can include liquid fish, liquid kelp, liquid humic acid, worm juice and bio-fertiliser. The standard foods that are readily available commercially are the fish, kelp and humate. Recipes can vary and we give advice to align with your particular system and requirements. Please write us to inquire if BioVital bio-fertiliser is available.

How long has this design been used in Australia? More than a decade with proven reliability.

Do you provide support and advice? Yes we provide specific support and advice via phone or email, we also set up systems on site if required, we work with biological systems, soil health and commercial and specialist composting and provide all associated services.

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