Compost Tea Brewers

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  • BioVital 1000 (Australian made)

    Pro Grow’s 1000 litre capacity compost tea brewer is an essential piece of equipment for any large scale living system. Made right here in the Tweed Valley of north NSW. A fully sealed, stainless steel frame and marine grade stainless steel piping guarantees you years of dependable brewing. All components are made from food grade … Continue reading BioVital 1000 (Australian made)

  • BioVital 200 (Australian made)

    Our 200 litre brewer is made entirely of food grade stainless steel and a commercial grade air blower pump. It’s sturdy construction ensures you enjoy years of trouble free brewing. This brewer is shipped inside the 200 litre plastic drum that the machine sits upon for brewing. The reconditioned drum comes fitted with a clamp on top so … Continue reading BioVital 200 (Australian made)

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