About Pro Grow

DSC_5966Here at Pro Grow we believe everyone benefits from the biological approach to living systems. We cooperate with others who share the same values to ensure the health, growth and profitability of regenerative enterprises.  We manufacture and supply appropriate technologies to assist in restoring health to your soil. Welcome to our site and we look forward to becoming actively involved in realizing your vision for your landscape!

Our team currently includes:

Sam Bonello of Pro Grow, a designer and consultant for regenerative enterprises. Sam manages product inventory and distribution.

Kingscliff, NSW. Australia




Paul Taylor has been working with organic and biological agriculture for more than 30 compost_tea

years, he is a soil specialist and is skilled at returning degraded systems back to
production. Paul teaches organic and biological agriculture with emphasis on bio-fertilisers, compost and soil pro-biotic (specialist compost tea) here in Australia and abroad, he establishes specialist composting systems and commercial composting
facilities and has owned and operated several organic farms based in biological management.

Paul is available for specialist consulting, education events, and property design    solutions, he has developed the Bio-Vital(™) system of sustainable management and is   the managing director of  Trust Nature Pty Ltd.


Mac’s Stainless of Murwillumbah, Jesse’s family hand make and paint our fully sealed, long life brewers using Australian Steel.












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