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  • Comeback Farms, Greg Judy

    The price includes shipping and handling. If you have six cows or 6000, you can utilize High Density Grazing to create fertile soils, lush     pastures, and healthy livestock. Greg Judy, the master of custom grazing, shows how to earn    profits with little risk while using other people’s livestock on leased land. With […]

  • No Risk Ranching, Greg Judy

    This Price includes shipping and handling. Based on his personal experience, Greg Judy shows how to make a living from the land without owning it. He describes his successes as well as his mistakes to help others on  the road to profit. By leasing land and cattle he went from 40 stockers to over 1100 […]


This is the brewer that Dr. Elaine Ingham from the Soil Food Web Institute supported us developing in Australia, it has commercial reliability, is easy to assemble and clean, is effective with extracting the organisms out of the compost and into the solution and is effective for water circulation as well as water aeration.  
Paul Taylor, Trust Nature